Limited Scope Representation

The reality is that not everyone needs or can afford an attorney to represent them throughout their legal case. For example in a dissolution of marriage (divorce), the parties might have a short term marriage, no children, agree about how to divide their property and just want help navigating the legal system and understanding procedure. “Limited Scope Representation” enables a party to hire an attorney for only some parts of the litigation process and to represent themselves for other parts. In Limited Scope Representation, an attorney might help a self-represented party draft pleadings, prepare for a court hearing, draft a settlement agreement, or appear in court on a client’s behalf. The party pays the attorney's rate only for the amount of time the attorney spends on that part of the client’s case. The client handles the rest of the case on their own.

Limited scope representation can be the perfect solution to getting your case resolved if your financial resources are limited, and whose aren’t these days. Can’t afford an attorney to represent you for your whole divorce or other type of case? There are options. If you want to consult with us to discover if limited scope representation is right for you, call us at: (707) 425-8500.


Estate Planning

Having an Estate Plan is not just for the wealthy. Putting post death wishes in writing can give one comfort and peace of mind as well as ensure that testamentary wishes are followed. Preparation of a revocable living trust can help to avoid the expense and delay of probate as well as conservatorship proceedings. A comprehensive estate plan also includes powers of attorney in the event of the need for an agent to act on your behalf during your lifetime due to temporary incapacity. In some instances, a Trust can reduce estate and gift taxes which means you pass on more of your estate to your intended heirs.

RC LAW, A Professional Corporation, can assist you with preparing your estate plan. We don’t like to think about our mortality but getting our affairs in order means we can relax and enjoy life knowing our wishes will be followed. The time to prepare your estate plan is not when you are sick or too elderly to handle your affairs. An estate plan should be prepared by each of us early when we are healthy. Estate plans can be easily amended to provide for life’s changes. If you would like to speak with us about your estate planning needs call us at:(707) 425-8500.


Family Law

Family Law cases such as divorce, paternity, or domestic violence cases, can be extremely difficult and emotional. RC LAW can assist not only with Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) but with all family law issues including domestic violence, custody, visitation, support, property division, step parent adoption, guardianships and conservatorships. Rhoda A. Chandler, is a Certified Family Law Specialist and a formally trained mediator. She works with clients to try to resolve cases by agreement avoiding the financial and emotional damages that result from protracted family court litigation. Sometimes court is unavoidable and in those cases Ms. Chandler’s years of experience translate to efficient and practical representation in legal proceedings always maintaining a focus on resolution.

La abogada Chandler es una de los pocos "Especialistas Certificados" in la ley de law Familia que habla Espanol in Solano County. La Abogada no es como algunos abogados que dependen exclusivamente en la secretarias de la oficina para manejar los casos de los clientes que habla Espanol. Llamenos para una consulta en: (707) 425-8500.


Elder Abuse

The Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act, provides protection for seniors and dependent adults from financial and physical abuse and/or neglect. Sometimes it becomes necessary for a senior or dependent adult to live in a skilled nursing environment to ensure they receive the level of care they need. Families count on these facilities to care for and protect their loved ones. Nursing home residents have a right to live with dignity and to receive proper care. Unscrupulous nursing homes who put profits before resident care and violate the law can be held responsible if their violation of the law results in injury to a resident.

Seniors and dependent adults have rights under the law. If you believe your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home or at the hands of another, you should consult an attorney immediately. We fight to protect seniors and dependent adults from being warehoused, over medicated and neglected or abused. Our vulnerable senior and dependent adult citizens deserve the level of care required under the law and that they pay for. Don’t let anyone get away with providing anything less to your loved ones. If you believe your loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home call us at:(707) 425-8500.